User Experience
Digital Media Bsc — second year.

Ventien is a Danish charity supporting vulnerable young people. We worked with them to help their organisation run more smoothly.

The project lasted three months, during which two design sessions took place. The four volunteers from the charity played different roles within the organisation. This gave us a holistic view of the challenges they face.

In the first design session we played a modified version of Cranium to identify design openings. Cranium is ideal as it requires players to communicate in unconventional ways.

At first the volunteers told us the things they thought we wanted to hear. But before long the playful atmosphere meant interactions became more direct. With some analysis, themes became apparent.

The Ventilen volunteers told us how hard it was to get the young people to open up. So in the second session we explored ways they could bond with the young people.

Our inital session clearly illustrated the effectiveness of play in allowing strangers to build trust. Rather than turn to technology, we kept things simple. We made Ventilen a board game.

The game is designed to encourage team work between the young people and transition casual conversations onto the more difficult subjects the charity aims to provide support with.