User Experience
Digital Media Bsc — final year.

Givr is an app to facilitate food donations. It's the product of a university UX project aimed at supporting the homeless in Bristol.

The team tried to start the project with no preconceptions regarding homelessness. We created a semi-structured interview script and arranged them with as many homelessness charities as we could. The findings from these guided the apps design.

Without visual identity

With visual identity

The first version of the mockup was designed for user testing. It employs Google's material design language to maximise the chances that those tested would already be familiar with the visual metaphors employed throughout the app. Try it here.

Based on user testing, the app was refined. The final report can be read here.

Above are a range of logo concepts created for the app. The ease of use and aproachability of the service was paramount, the visual identity created reflects this.