The product of Co-design, a course taken at ITU in the autumn of 2017.

I was part of a team of six who worked with members of Ventilen, A Danish charity which aims to support vulnerable youths through social events. Although the team was required to produce a final design based on our findings from several design encounters, the project was evaluated on how well the team followed the principles behind co-design throughout the project.

The project had to relate to citizenship, volunteering is an important part of Danish life and thus the team formed around the shared aim of aiding the field in some manner. Field interviews were conducted, these were followed by two design encounters. Over the course of the project design openings were identified, focused and any solution proposed were iterated on until both the participants from Ventilen and us on the team were satisfied.

The final design proposed is a board game which is intended to be played at the charity’s social gatherings. It is designed be simple and cheap to produce and the board can be created with a basic printer, everyday objects for the board piece’s and a dice.

The course has helped me understand the importance of working closely in collaboration with the user/client and the value of their input. It has also illustrated the extent to which preconceived notions regarding a design brief can cloud one’s ability to address the issue present.

A copy of the project report can be found here, it covers the process in more detail. An accompanying video can be found below however it requires the context gained from the repor

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